Sagar Ratna: A Culinary Odyssey Through South Indian Delights


Sagar ratna menu card with price list, a renowned South Indian restaurant chain, has been a culinary institution in India since its inception in 1981 in Bangalore. With over 100 locations spread across the country, Sagar Ratna has become synonymous with authentic and delectable South Indian cuisine. Its diverse menu offerings, which include a plethora of mouthwatering dishes from various regions of India, have earned it a loyal following of food enthusiasts. In this article, we will embark on a flavorful journey through the Sagar Ratna menu, exploring the richness of South Indian culinary traditions and discovering the array of delightful dishes it offers Sagar ratna menu card with price list

sagar ratna menu card with price list

Sagar Ratna’s journey began as a humble eatery, dedicated to serving authentic South Indian delicacies that captured the essence of traditional flavors. The founders’ commitment to using high-quality ingredients and time-honored cooking techniques quickly gained the restaurant a reputation for excellence. Over the years, Sagar Ratna’s culinary expertise expanded to encompass North Indian, Continental, and Chinese cuisines, offering a diverse array of dishes to cater to the diverse palate of its patrons.

Diving Into the Menu

  1. Idlis: A Taste of Tradition
    Sagar ratna menu card with price listan array of delightful idlis, which are steamed rice cakes made from fermented rice and lentil batter. These soft and fluffy delicacies are typically served with an assortment of chutneys and sambar, a savory lentil-based soup. The simplicity of idlis combined with the robust flavors of the accompaniments make for a gratifying culinary experience.
  2. Dosas: A Crisp and Savory Affair
    The dosa is a thin pancake crafted from a fermented blend of rice and lentil batter, creating a crispy texture that pairs beautifully with the accompanying sambar and chutneys. At Sagar Ratna, dosas come in a myriad of variations, from the classic Masala Dosa, stuffed with a spiced potato filling, to the Mysore Masala Dosa, generously adorned with a signature spicy chutney.
  3. Uttapams: A Feast for the Eyes and Palate
    Uttapams are thick, savory pancakes made from the same rice and lentil batter as dosas. Sagar Ratna elevates these delectable delights by topping them with a colorful medley of vegetables, paneer, and a hint of ghee, infusing each bite with a burst of flavors and textures.
  4. Vadas: A Tempting Crunch
    The vada, a savory donut-shaped delight, is another highlight of the Sagar Ratna menu. Made from lentil batter and fried to a crispy golden brown, these vadas are a quintessential South Indian snack, best enjoyed with sambar and coconut chutney.
  5. Biryani: A Royal Treat
    While the heart of Sagar Ratna’s menu lies in South Indian delicacies, it also embraces the richness of North Indian cuisine. The biryani, a fragrant rice dish layered with succulent meat, aromatic spices, and herbs, is a testament to the restaurant’s commitment to diversity and culinary mastery.
  6. North Indian Delights
    In addition to the biryani, Sagar Ratna’s North Indian offerings include the ever-popular Butter Chicken, featuring tender pieces of chicken in a rich, creamy tomato-based gravy. The aromatic Shahi Paneer, prepared with paneer in a luscious cashew and cream sauce, is a vegetarian delight that tantalizes taste buds.
  7. Continental Classics
    Expanding beyond Indian cuisines, Sagar Ratna also offers a selection of Continental dishes to cater to its cosmopolitan clientele. From sumptuous pastas to cheesy pizzas and mouthwatering sandwiches, this section of the menu presents a delightful fusion of global flavors.
  8. Chinese Delicacies
    Embracing the allure of Chinese cuisine, Sagar Ratna serves up a tempting array of Chinese dishes, from savory Chow Mein to aromatic Fried Rice and delectable Spring Rolls. These offerings add an extra dimension to the restaurant’s already diverse menu.

Indulging in Desserts

  1. Rasmalai: A Creamy Delight
    To conclude a satisfying meal at Sagar Ratna, the restaurant offers a selection of mouthwatering desserts. The Rasmalai, a milk-based sweet adorned with saffron and cardamom, is a velvety indulgence that leaves patrons craving for more.
  2. Gulab Jamun: A Sweet Symphony
    Another beloved dessert on the menu is the Gulab Jamun, a milk-based confection that comprises deep-fried dumplings soaked in a fragrant rose-flavored syrup. The Gulab Jamun is a timeless classic that never fails to enchant dessert lovers.
  3. Ice Cream: A Cool Treat
    For those seeking a refreshing treat, Sagar Ratna offers a variety of ice cream flavors, including timeless favorites like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and mango. The creamy and indulgent ice cream is the perfect way to beat the heat and conclude a delightful dining experience.

Affordability and Accessibility

Sagar Ratna’s commitment to providing an affordable and accessible dining experience has endeared it to families and individuals alike. With a typical meal costing between ₹100 and ₹200, patrons can savor a delightful array of dishes without straining their wallets Sagar ratna menu card with price list

Sagar ratna menu card with price list:sagar ratna menu card with price list

Butter chicken₹120
Shahi paneer₹100
Tandoori chicken₹110
Chow mein₹80
Fried rice₹70
Spring rolls₹40
Gulab jamun₹50
Ice cream₹40


Sagar ratna menu card with price list Sagar Ratna stands as a culinary oasis, where the rich tapestry of South Indian cuisine merges harmoniously with flavors from different corners of India and the world. Its diverse menu offerings, reasonable prices, and commitment to authenticity have cemented its position as a favored dining destination for food enthusiasts of all ages. Whether savoring the comforting familiarity of dosas and idlis or exploring the new and exciting flavors of North Indian, Continental, and Chinese dishes, diners at Sagar Ratna are assured of an unforgettable gastronomic journey.

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Q: What is Sagar Ratna?

Sagar Ratna is a popular South Indian restaurant chain in India, known for its authentic and delectable South Indian cuisine. It was founded in 1981 in Bangalore and has since expanded to over 100 locations across the country.

Q: What type of dishes does Sagar Ratna offer?

Sagar Ratna offers a wide variety of menu items, including a delightful array of South Indian dishes such as dosas, idlis, vadas, uttapams, and biryanis. Additionally, it offers North Indian, Continental, and Chinese dishes to cater to diverse palates.

Q: Are the prices at Sagar Ratna reasonable?

Yes, the prices at Sagar Ratna are very reasonable. A typical meal at Sagar Ratna will cost between ₹100 and ₹200, making it an affordable dining option for families and individuals.

Q: What are some of the popular South Indian dishes at Sagar Ratna?

Some of the popular South Indian dishes at Sagar Ratna include:
Dosa: A thin pancake made from fermented rice and lentil batter, served with chutneys and sambar.
Idli: A steamed rice cake made from fermented rice and lentil batter, served with chutneys and sambar.
Vada: A savory donut made from lentil batter, served with chutneys and sambar.
Uttapam: A thick pancake made from fermented rice and lentil batter, topped with various ingredients like vegetables, cheese, and eggs.

Q: Are the prices the same at all Sagar Ratna locations?

Prices may vary slightly between different Sagar Ratna locations, but in general, the restaurant maintains its commitment to affordability across all outlets.

Q: Is Sagar Ratna a great place for vegetarians and non-vegetarians to dine together?

Yes, Sagar Ratna’s diverse menu caters to both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, making it an ideal dining destination for groups with mixed preference

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